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Session Class work 5

Session 5 : Classwork - Social medias map 

Here is the work done in class on the Social Medias map

Classwork Session 5 

Correction of the 01.25.2018 

Unfortunately I was unable to have a correct upload of my work on the drive (it worked perfectly but the second page is not displayed at all...) that is why I am publishing screenshots of my finished work so that you can review it.
Have a nice week-end and see you soon !

Session 4 : Mobile website

FAMILY BUSINESS I dedicated my website to a fictive hotel - named the Family Business - in which every member of the family has a role to play. I found interesting the fact that a company is - and should - a family-thought business.
I placed it in Pattaya, Thailand, which is famous for its beautiful beaches. It matches the desire of sun and problem-less I wanted to display in the website.