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VR - AR, what real asset they can be for your hotel

An example of VR for an hotel : it allows the Tokyo Shangri-La to represents to its potential customers what the Tokyo life is like.

Here is an example of an AR technology used in a restaurant : with his tablet, the customer may flash the menu and have an overview of the meal, how it was cooked etc.

Differences between a VR and AR videos from a customer point of view : 
A VR video will be either in 2D or 3D, it “transfers“ the customer in a completely different location. As we saw in the first example, a customer can have an overview of Tokyo Shangri-La without even being in Japan.  An AR video will dedicated to a live use, Holiday-inn sponsored AR videos with english athletes to welcome guests : with their phones, guests were able to see the athletes standing in the lobby or windsurfing on the bed !

To what sector could it benefit the most ? 
The sector that could benefit the most from it is definitely the tourism sector. Through map apps, cultural AR pop-ups can allow people to visit…